About Jacqueline




I'm a retired medical lab technician in a Virology lab in a children's hospital. I have 3 adult kids and a wonderful and supportive husband with whom I have been with for 33 years. I'm currently working on creating your designs to release stress and I LOVE it!




I have my little company of polymer clay accessories and handmade sterling silver jewelry since 1997 and want to grow as self employed. I do sell in stores, do craft shows in Canada and USA, retail and wholesale and even on Ebay.


My first passion was figurines and dolls but didn't have the training to do great ones. I did some for me and friends and one day I came upon children stores who needed exclusive accessories to fit their collections and I went that way. I love it a lot, each collection is a new challenge.



I do mostly characters and supply retail stores with unique styles for their collections. No two stores carry the same designs!!!



All my designs are unique ( no two will be exactly the same), handmade without the use of any molds or paint (occasionally I use colored powder to accentuate details), only my hands and tools (pics, scalpel, pasta machine...).


I make pacifier holders, knitting needles, crochet hooks, picture frames, light switch plates covers, children jewelry, decorative knobs, Christmas decorations, ceiling fan pulls and much more...to your specifications if required. Don't be shy to ask, you'll never know what design I might agree to do!



Thanks for taking the time to read me,


Have a GREAT day,