*MINI LADYBUG* pacifier holder
red check ribbon


MINI Pacifier holder  for NEWBORN baby

handmade with FIMO polymer clay

NEW: Plastic clip and snap

Unique, practical and very original mini version of the pacifier holder adds a plus note to your baby's clothing. You can match the design and ribbon color to the clothing if prefered, just ask for a special request.

Design is approx. 1/2 inch.X 1/2 inch.
(13mm X 13mm)

The ribbon is color match to the design or as specified in your special order , 5 3/4 inches (147mm) long from design to the white snap and
6 3/4inches (172mm) long with the closed snap.

Click here to see available ribbon colors.

The back metal clip is glued with 2 commercial glues. Solidity test is made with every batch made but pacifier holders don't come with any guaranty.

Please note:

Polymer clay is cured in a domestic oven and hardens to a solid plastic but not unbreakable . Be vigilant with children and domestic animals.

I use liquid FIMO clay to add strength to small parts and add 2 coats of waterbased varnish for protection and easy cleaning.

All of my work is original, handmade without the use of any molds or paint, so every piece is unique and signed.

  • Product’s limitation :

    This pacifier holder is entirely handmade with Polymer clay. Be aware that this accessory can’t be conformable in all countries. You have to make your own research for the norms for this accessory from your government . I can’t be responsible for any misuse of the product after purchase.

    It is possible to wash the ribbon with a gentle cloth and soapy water and the design with a toothbrush with smooth bristles.

    PLEASE do not let the accessory soak in water.

    IMPORTANT: This is not a toy.
    Do not wear at day care center.
    PLEASE do not let children put the pacifier holder in
    their mouth and chew on it.

    *No reparation is recommended. Do not attempt to reglue the design.

    It is recommended not to put the child to bed with any pacifier holder.

    • Ask for any design you want in special requests. They are always welcome. Everything is made to your specifications.

    I list new items frequently so come back often to see what's new!





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